August 06, 2011

Divine Faith...Unlimited!

Now this is something interesting that I noticed around 5 years back when I was travelling to Nawanshehar, a small town in Indian Punjab with my wife, Ritu. As usual, she was holding the camera and I was on the driver seat. Ritu always has been a fantastic assistant to me while I am in a mood to shoot. The story is very different at home and the assistant cap shifts on to me...infact the cap takes on the profile of a bandhua majdoor...and obviously then I have no other option left but to enjoy with that too!

Anyways, with music on and the car zooming at a high speed...I suddenly stopped with a screech... "what happened, why did u stop the car?" said she. "Give me the camera fast, ek badhiya photo ban rahi hai", I shouted back and got off the car with the camera. What I had noticed was a rickshaw puller with a rickshaw converted for promoting movies was going around the street.

It is not uncommon to still see this kind of publicity and promotion happening in smaller towns in India. A cycle rickshaw is converted with three sides used to display the movie posters. A reflex type horn speaker as used during election campaigning is put on the top which can wake one up even from the deepest of sleep. Most of the time the music that is played (normally some real spicy kind of) is not even from the movie being publicised.

Anyways, what caught my attention was not the rickshaw but the name (Hawas Ka Shikari) of this local kind of a porn movie and even more catchy was the divine faith placed strategically on top of the entire setup.

No wonder, I thought, whatever we Indians do or start with, it has to be with the name of the goddess....Jai Mata Di!

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