August 07, 2011

Disco Papita

To me this photograph is full of emotions and expressions and depicts the true Indian way of buying fruits and vegetables. The vendor here is trying to do whatever he can to tell the features and benefits of the Papayas he is selling. The variety of these Papayas as told me by this guy was ‘Disco Papita’. God knows from where this name ‘Disco’ came!

The Sardarji gentleman has already done his bit of having his daily quota of fruits at the mandi.... nah, on the serious side after tasting and being sure of the quality perhaps he will buy some for his folks at home after twisting the vendor’s arm to his full on the rates. Two ladies at the right are not so sure of what he is mentioning to bhai saab in front ...“Are bauji isse meetha Papita na milehga kahin”... and there are some at the back who are still in a state of dilemma whether to even go close to the cart or not....and I on the other side did my own bit of making a good picture!

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