August 04, 2011

Memories from the City Beautiful!

As I came back from work, I was told to pick up Jholas and get in the car again to go to the weekly Sabji Mandi. How could I have said no to high command, I had to obey the orders. Anyways we reached the mandi and managed to somehow get some parking space. Chandigarh is a place where each area holds a weekly bazaar and farmers from neighbouring villages come and sell absolute fresh vegetables. But, if one misses out on the day, one will have to go a little far off on some other day to get vegetables to fill up the refrigerator for a week's requirement. So you can imagine what rush and huge hustle bustle one has to face to get one's weekly quota of veggies.

Anyways, I was in no mood of buying vegetables and the moment we got out of car my mind started working on another opportunity which obviously my wife Ritu could have never imagined...."Ritu, can you see that three storey house there?" "Yes, so what?", she replied..."If I could get on top of that house, imagine what a great capture can I make of this mandi" and she was like has he gone crazy? "How will you do that and why would the owner allow you to get into his house?" I was lucky that atleast she had shown some positive response to my idea. We came back immediately without the veggies...what we had for dinner that night is a different story altogether.

With my entire gamut of photography equipment I pressed the door bell and out came an elderly gentleman..."Sir", very hesitantly and with a little embarrassment I told him about my intentions...."haan haan beta kyon nahin aa jao", and he accompanied me till the roof and even gave me a ladder to go further up....

Now that's what Chandigarh still is and that's how Chandigarh is still different from the rest of the world....people still trust strangers and still respect others' thoughts!

Anyways, I do not want to linger on with the story, but here I am putting in the picture that I made that night which surely remains my favourite till date and has earned me a lot of recognition....Hope you all will like it too!

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