March 22, 2009

Brainless Baba....

As usual, I was on a photo mission on a chilly winter morning on the ghats of Varanasi when this Baba came to me, patted my back and said “Hey are you a News photographer" I looked around with a little confusion for that was a British accent. I replied back, "Baba hum to aapas me hindi bol sakte hain, angrezi firango ke liye chod do", I said. “I am from Bengaluru and feel comfortable in English”, said he. Anyways, we got into a chat and upon persuasion he introduced himself. He says "I had everything in life some 25 years ago - cars, bungalow and all other luxuries of life. I have traveled to 25 countries and have a PhD degree, but left everything. People took this act of mine as absolutely brainless, so I said, OK; from now onward let people know me as 'Brainless Baba'. A chain smoker, Baba spends most of his time on the ghats of Varanasi.

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